Webinar – Jurisdictional Derogations from the National Energy Retail Law

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In this article, we include the transcript and presentation slides from a recent free webinar that examines Jurisdictional Derogations under the National Energy Retail Law.

National Energy Retail Law, Bullamalita Rd, Quialigo, Australia

By Alex Silcock, Senior Paralegal and Regulatory Advisor, Compliance Quarter

Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania

What is the National Energy Consumer Framework (NECF)?

  • NECF consists of the National Energy Retail Law (NERL) and the National Energy Retail Rules.
  • Adopted by all States in the NEM except Victoria which operates under the Victorian Energy Retail Code.
  • Derogations in each jurisdiction.

National Energy Retail Law - state by state

South Australia

National Energy Retail Law (Local Provisions) Regulations 2013

National Energy Retail Law Local Provisions South Australia

New South Wales

National Energy Retail Law (Adoption) Act 2012 – Schedule 1; and
NERL (Adoption) Regulation 2013
  • Consumption threshold – NERL (Adoption) regulation – CI 4
  • Paper Bill charges – NERR Rule 35A
  • Market Monitor -NERL (Adoption) regulation 8A-8E
  • Early termination fees – NERR Rules 73A and 49A
  • Waiver of late payment fees -NERR Rule 73(2)


Regional Queensland

S 22A AND 23A of the NERL (Queensland) relate to Regional Queensland and the retailer obligation to adhere to the notified prices set by the QCA and give notice to their customers when these CHANGE.

National Energy Retail Law - access to notified prices

Source: Queensland Competition Authority – Final determination Regulated retail electricity prices for 2017-18 June 2017

National Energy Retail Law (Queensland) Act 2014; and
National Energy Retail Law (Queensland) Regulation 2014

National Energy Retail Law Queensland Regulation


National Energy Retail Law (Tasmania) Act 2012; and
National Energy Retail Law (Tasmania) Regulations 2012
  • Deemed contract obligations – NERL Tasmania s I7A
  • Consumption threshold – NERL Tasmania s 22; and NERL regulations Tasmania CI 7.
  • Late payment fees -NERL Tasmania s19

Presentation Slides

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