Compliance Quarter is managed by compliance professionals with significant experience in regulatory compliance and from a legal background.

Our experience extends from working with leading Australian and international businesses including Sony, Choice Hotels, Suzuki, Integral Energy, and more.


Its time to bring compliance into the 21st century. Compliance is a significant burden for most businesses (estimated to cost $90B each year, Australia wide).

With advances in automation and natural language processing, isn’t it time that compliance was simplified? We have developed the Compliance HUB to do exactly that. Contact us today to test and use our online compliance solutions.

Quicker, cheaper, and more effective

Our compliance tools are quicker, cheaper and more effective than traditional options. Our automated privacy policy review tool takes 14 seconds, and produces a report that previously took our legal staff hours.


The use of various documents, spreadsheets, and forms is not a sufficient method to manage compliance.

That is why we have developed the Compliance HUB. #SmartCompliance

The Compliance HUB is an online solution for businesses that want to demonstrate compliance and manage risk.

The Compliance HUB can be used to achieve the following:

  • Online training– It includes various compliance training modules including on general WH&S as well as energy specific obligations;
  • Manage compliance documentation and a compliance registry (listing all obligations and controls in place);
  • Manage the reporting of compliance breaches; and
  • Ensure that reporting deadlines are met– with a compliance calendar.

Setting up the Compliance HUB involves the identification of compliance obligations and controls in place. Once it is in place, you will never need to worry about missing a compliance reporting deadline again.

The Compliance HUB aims to demonstrate a higher-level commitment. Once it is in place, an audit by a regulator will be significantly less costly.

We have also developed innovative document review technology. Compliance HUB users will gain access to our new developments automatically.


Contact us:

  • Online;
  • By email (info@compliancequarter.com.au); or
  • Byphone (02 8001 6664)