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We lift the regulatory burden off your shoulders.

Energy Retail Authorisations

We are Australia's leading consultant for those looking for an energy retail authorisation and Victorian retail electricity licence. We have worked with the majority of new entrant retailers with a 100 percent success rate. CQ can be used to complete your application from policies and procedures to complex business plans and associated documents.

Compliance Management Service

We are used by Australia's largest energy businesses to seamlessly manage regulatory obligations. We provide a virtual compliance manager service along with a number of comprehensive tools to ensure that your retailer is compliant. If you operate in a regulated industry, contact us for our pricing and services list.

Victorian Retail Licences

We have a 100 percent success rate when it comes to applying for Victorian Electricity and Gas Retail Licences. We can draft the application on your behalf and manage the process all the way through to completion.


CQ provides online technology via the Compliance HUB that streamlines your compliance program and gives you a sense of ease and control. All of the actions undertaken in the Compliance HUB, such as updates to regulatory policies, risk assessments, and completed training, are tracked.​

Free Consultation on Compliance Management Best Practice

Simply provide your details below to arrange a Free 45 minute zoom consultation with our regulatory experts who will send you a report on steps you can take to dramatically improve your Compliance Program.


Regulatory Experts Supported by Expert RegTech Systems

Regulatory compliance is a heavy burden for all businesses. Our sole objective is to lift that burden from your shoulders.

The world’s largest businesses trust CQ to manage their compliance program. When it comes to compliance and informed decision making, experience matters, and you will find that experience at CQ.

An effective compliance program is essential for good corporate governance and risk management. We reduce the risk of oversight, substantial fines, and demonstrate compliance.

Unlike other providers, we only work with a select number of clients. Each  time we agree to act as Compliance Manager for a client, we put our  reputation on the line. Given the scope of our client base, we benchmark your business and its level of compliance to give you insights that you won’t find elsewhere.

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I went through Compliance Quarter to get a privacy statement for my website. The process was very easy and the template that I received was customised to my needs.

Eve Barylka, Business Owner

Their communication was responsive and always clear. I would rate their service and quality of work higher if more than 5 stars was possible!

Steven Nelson, Business Manager