How We Help You Comply

No matter what industry you operate in, Compliance Quarter can provide you with both online and offline services that will streamline your compliance program and give you a sense of ease and control.

From the supply of personnel to projects with the delivery of licences or an updated compliance program, Compliance Quarter is the answer.

Compliance is not an easy area. For many businesses, it is a significant concern. That is why we are focusing on this area. Our objective is to make the word of compliance understandable and easy to manage.

The Compliance HUB

Bring your compliance program into the 21st Century and demonstrate your commitment to compliance. Our Compliance HUB is the central location for your compliance program.

Automated Document Review

Review regulatory documents in seconds. In the first demonstration of our technology, we are able to review a privacy policy and identify errors or omissions within 6 seconds.

Virtual Compliance Manager

Access to compliance experts when and how often you need them, we call this the Virtual Compliance Manager. We offer a flexible arrangement that gives you access to experts on demand.

CQ Regulatory Updates

Do you need to know about changes in regulation before they are reported in the news? We can provide regulatory updates specific to your industry on an ongoing basis.

Licence and Other Applications

Do you operate in an industry that requires licenses or approvals? One of our areas of specialty is in obtaining required licenses, including trade promotion, energy retail and network authorisations and exemptions.

Custom Solutions

Do you need a review of your compliance program, someone to audit your level of compliance, a licence application, or ongoing support? Compliance Quarter will arrange a solution to meet your needs.

Our Latest Regulatory Updates

solar energy
AU Energy Compliance

Review of the Authorisation and Exemption Framework

The Australian Energy Regulator has published a consultation issue paper titled Retail Authorisation and Exemption Review. Broadly, the Issues Paper considers the changing nature of the energy market, the risks posed by new products and services, and asks whether changes are needed to the Retail Authorisation and Exemption Framework. This is a major consultation that will have long-lasting ramifications for the energy market and consumers.  It builds on the work of the Energy Security Board, the Australian Energy Market Commission (particularly in relation to embedded network regulation) and prior work by the AER.

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AU Energy Compliance

When should you hire a compliance manager?

If you’re wondering if it’s time to hire a compliance manager, ask yourself how often you think about regulatory compliance and whether your business is across all regulatory obligations with appropriate controls in place. If the answer to the last question is not enough or no, it may be time to take on such an employee.

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Two heads are better than one
AU Energy Compliance

The AER’s Better Bills Guideline

On 31 March 2022, the Australian energy Regulator published the Better Bills Guideline.  The Guideline creates binding and enforceable obligations on energy retailers in respect of their preparation and issuance of energy bills for small customers. This article summarises some of the key obligations of the Guidelines. For detailed instructions on how to implement and comply with the Guidelines, please get in touch.

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AU Energy Compliance

Australian Energy Regulator Releases the Results of its Latest Compliance Audits Under the National Energy Retail Law

The Australian Energy Regulator has published results of its audits into Alinta Energy, Simply Energy, ReAmped Energy and Powershop with a focus on compliance with hardship and disconnection obligations.  The audit results provide important information to all energy retailers as to what is expected when it comes to compliance in these key areas. 

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