How We Help You Comply

No matter what industry you operate in, Compliance Quarter can provide you with both online and offline services that will streamline your compliance program and give you a sense of ease and control.

From the supply of personnel to projects with the delivery of licences or an updated compliance program, Compliance Quarter is the answer.

Compliance is not an easy area. For many businesses, it is a significant concern. That is why we are focusing on this area. Our objective is to make the word of compliance understandable and easy to manage.

The Compliance HUB

Bring your compliance program into the 21st Century and demonstrate your commitment to compliance. Our Compliance HUB is the central location for your compliance program.

Automated Document Review

Review regulatory documents in seconds. In the first demonstration of our technology, we are able to review a privacy policy and identify errors or omissions within 6 seconds.

Virtual Compliance Manager

Access to compliance experts when and how often you need them, we call this the Virtual Compliance Manager. We offer a flexible arrangement that gives you access to experts on demand.

CQ Regulatory Updates

Do you need to know about changes in regulation before they are reported in the news? We can provide regulatory updates specific to your industry on an ongoing basis.

Licence and Other Applications

Do you operate in an industry that requires licenses or approvals? One of our areas of specialty is in obtaining required licenses, including trade promotion, energy retail and network authorisations and exemptions.

Custom Solutions

Do you need a review of your compliance program, someone to audit your level of compliance, a licence application, or ongoing support? Compliance Quarter will arrange a solution to meet your needs.

Our Latest Regulatory Updates

NT Energy Compliance

The Compliance Framework and Reporting Guidelines: NT Energy Retail

The Compliance Framework and Reporting Guidelines were produced in 2016 by the Utilities Commission of the Northern Territory (‘the Commission’). The guidelines were produced pursuant to section 7 of the Utilities Commission Act and are consistent with the aim of the Commission to foster a culture of compliance.

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Solar Power Plant in Hermannsburg, Northern Territory, Australia
NT Energy Compliance

An Introduction to the Electricity Retail Supply Code (NT)

The Electricity Retail Supply Code was introduced in 2011 with the objective of facilitating retail supply activities following the introduction of contestability and retail competition in the Northern Territory electricity market. 

In this first of a series of posts, we look at obligations relating to customer transfers, life support and dispute resolution.

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AU Energy Compliance


It is our corporate mission to provide regulatory services that result in a more sustainable and just society. We are selective in who we work

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AU Energy Compliance

Having regard to a customer’s capacity to pay: a Federal Court Decision

The decision of Australian Energy Regulator v Origin Energy Electricity Ltd (2020) FCA 802 should be reviewed by all energy retailers operating in NECF jurisdictions.

As the regulatory demands of energy sellers increase over time, there is an understandable move towards automation. When set up correctly, automation can be used to reduce regulatory burden and to improve customer’s experiences. 

This decision serves as a timely reminder of the critical importance of compliance when it comes to automating such processes.  A failure to properly build in compliance into automation can result in a large number of breaches occurring over a significant period of time and ultimately, significant civil penalties being paid.

Image created using OpenAI’s DALLE-2

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