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How We Do It

We built the Compliance HUB based on our own experience working in highly regulated industries. We simply sat down and answered the question ‘what would make life easier for those charged with regulatory compliance.’ The Compliance HUB was our answer. 

A tool to make compliance easier?

Regulatory compliance is hard. The constant stream of new and amended regulation makes business extraordinarily complex. That is exactly why we developed the Compliance HUB. 

The Compliance HUB is a comprehensive online system that will dramatically improve your compliance program and demonstrate your compliance program to potential partners, stakeholders, and regulators.

The Compliance HUB includes various modules including the capability to list all of the regulatory obligations applicable to your business, to categorise and to link them to controls, giving you a sense of ease and control. In the Compliance HUB you can also generate and review regulatory and legal documents. Documents that are generated as part of your compliance program are stored within the Vault which is a secure online repository for important documents. The Vault includes automated version control.

If you are operating within a highly regulated industry, if you are relying on separate documents to manage compliance, if you need ensure that your business is ready for the various challenges of compliance, you need the Compliance HUB. 

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Regulatory compliance does not need to be a bottleneck. You can use your approach to compliance as a strategic advantage. The key is to find an effective and efficient solution to compliance. The key is Compliance Quarter.  

  • an expert system with intelligent automation and machine learning.
  • the capacity to list and easily see all of the regulatory obligations applicable to your business
  • comprehensive online training and resources for those in regulated industries