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How We Do It

Below is a list of what we will do for your business

One of the very first things that we will do is help you establish a comprehensive compliance management program that has been designed in a manner consistent with the relevant International Standard. Our compliance management programs have been extensively audited by a range of external auditors and has consistently been found to be comprehensive and consistent with the relevant international standard.

The compliance management program that we will design for you willing include policies, procedures, and processes designed to ensure that you comply with all of your regulatory obligations. We take a risk-based approach when assessing compliance obligations and the controls that are needed. Your compliance management program will evolve over time and we will give you the tools and foundation to make that a reality.

Your compliance committee is the central working group responsible for implementing your compliance management program. We will set up your compliance management committee including by establishing a charter and board delegations policy. We will then run your compliance committee meetings, typically honour fortnightly or monthly basis, and we will document agendas and minutes for those meetings. During each compliance committee meeting, we will deliver an update on regulatory developments that have occurred and we will analyse the changes that you need to make within your business to ensure that you continue to comply.

Your virtual compliance manager will be available to you 24 hours a day. You, and your employees, will be able to email or call with any questions or requests for assistance. We have implemented a robust ticketing system to ensure that we respond to any requests and to ensure that you continue to be guided by the best advice possible as your business develops and grows.

Do you manage compliance effectively?

Regulatory compliance is hard. The constant stream of new and amended regulation makes business extraordinarily complex. This is why many businesses hire a compliance manager. The role of a compliance manager includes identifying applicable regulatory obligations, developing controls, reporting on potential non-compliance, embedding compliance in decision making, and managing relationships with regulators. Hiring a compliance manager will typically cost a business over $150,000. Compliance Quarter is pleased to offer a more cost-effective alternative via our virtual compliance manager service.

Our regulatory experts have years experience working both as lawyers and in regulatory compliance roles in highly regulated industries. Our virtual compliance manager offer gives your business access to those experts at a reduced rate. In addition, you will gain access to extremely valuable and useful tools and resources including guidelines, checklists, and regulatory alerts. In short, we lift the regular trip burden of running a business in Australia off your shoulders. When you have a virtual compliance manager from Compliance Quarter you will gain a sense of control.

Royal Commissions, Federal Court fines and bad media have dominated the headlines over the past 10 years. It’s time to reduce that risk within your own business with Compliance Quarter. 

Regulatory compliance does not need to be a bottleneck. You can use your approach to compliance as a strategic advantage. The key is to find an effective and efficient solution to compliance. The key is Compliance Quarter.  

What We Do

We lift the regulatory burden off your shoulders by ensuring that you are aware of and are able to comply with regulatory obligations. We make sure that you know when changes relevant to your business are proposed either by industry regulators or by governments. We make sure that you have the tools and resources you need to ensure compliance and that the controls that you have a fit for purpose and allow your business to focus on growth.

  • Get access to experienced and qualified compliance professionals
  • Turn your compliance program into a competitive advantage
  • We supply you with all of the documents you need to set up a retailer in Australia

Our Engagement Model

We offer a range of option based on measurable deliverables. Our typical compliance manager offer involves a monthly retainer. You will have unlimited access to our resources including our guidance material, our checklists, and our software. 

  • Measurable SLAs
  • Unlimited access to exclusive resources