Victorian Embedded Networks: What’s the deal?

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On 28 October 2020, we presented a webinar on the Victorian embedded network regulatory regime and changes under consideration.

The webinar was recorded and you can watch it on-demand here by registering at this link:

If you would like to learn more about embedded networks in Victoria, please get in touch.

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AER’s Statement of Expectations

The AER has published its third statement of expectations of energy businesses during Covid 19. This statement of expectations applies from 1 November 2020 and will continue until 31 March 2021, and potentially beyond. In the new statement of expectations, the AER notes that the Covid 19 pandemic continues to have a significant impact on the Australian community with many people affected by dramatic changes to their lives, businesses, income, and working arrangements. The AER notes that Covid 19 continues

Retailer Reconnection- Rule 121

Disconnection is a key area of risk for energy retailers. The process that must be followed by a retailer have been set out in other posts by Compliance Quarter. Today, we briefly look at the re-connection requirements. Retailers must comply with rule 121 of the National Energy Retail Rules. This is summarised below. Where a retailer has arranged for the de-energisation of a small customer’spremises and the customer has within 10 business days of the de-energisation: a. Rectified the matter

Retailer-initiated de-energisation of premises –small customers

Currently, retailers are not disconnecting small customers as the world faces COVID. This is largely as a result of the AER publishing a statement of expectations. You can read more about the AER’s statement of expectations here. Today we are looking at the rules applicable to retailer de-energisations of small customers (specifically in NECF under Retail Rules, Part 6, Divisions 1 and 2, Rules 107(2) and 116(1)). We focus below on disconnection for non-payment and note that additional or different

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