Word Titan: a GPT-3 Word Add In

The GPT-3 add-in for Microsoft Word allows you to use the power of GPT-3 to transform your writing with just a few clicks.

Access the power of GPT-3 from Word.

GPT-3 Access

Suitable for: Professionals, Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants & Anyone with a PC with Microsoft Word.


  • Integrates with GPT-3
  • Adjust the Temperature
  • Simplify, re-write, and explain paragraphs
  • Pre-defined and Custom Prompts
  • Access within Word documents
  • Easy Installation with SSL Certificate
  • 7 - day (no questions asked) money-back guarantee

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Backed by a 7-day (No Questions Asked) Full Money Back Guarantee.

Refer to our Licence Terms for further details.

* Note delivery will be via email and will take up to 12 hours.


Average minutes saved per month

Our mission is to contribute to a just, safe and sustainable world.  We believe that AI will be useful in that endeavour.


See Titan in Action

In the following example, see how Word Titan explains the clause by selecting explain:

Following the execution of this Agreement, and prior to Installation, the Supplier may vary the Charges if the variance between the estimated Charges at the date of this Agreement and the actual Supplier’s costs associated with Installation or the Authorisations required for the Installation and operation of the System on the Licensed Area is equal to or exceeds five (5) percent of the original estimated Charges as at the date of this Agreement. Such variation will only reflect such increase in the Supplier’s costs.

Key Details

  • Installation: The file will be sent to you by email. On install you will need to add your GPT-3 API key. You can get an API key at openai.com
  • Requirements: A PC with Microsoft Word and an OpenAi GPT-3 API Key. No prior knowledge of programming or GPT-3 needed.
  • Suitable for: Professionals, Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants & Anyone with a PC with Microsoft Word.


For each purchase, we’ll make a donation using the B1G1 platform: providing access to an E-Learning Hub in Aboriginal Communities for a day. Track our progress here.

Project Description

Give young Aboriginal people access to learning hubs and free public Wi-Fi for communications and conducting necessary everyday business. Many households don’t have a computer or even a reliable power supply, so learning hubs are crucial for young people to develop their IT and literacy skills. With English being a third or fourth language, access to online resources can reduce linguistic, geographic and cultural isolation. It enables community members to stay in touch with relatives and supports self-directed learning, opening up employment and other future opportunities.