<strong>Embedded Network Action Plan – New South Wales</strong>

Embedded Network Action Plan – New South Wales

AU Energy Compliance, Consultation
The Embedded Network Action Plan sets expectations for embedded network operators to better engage with their customers. This comes after reviews and inquiries found that some customers of embedded networks face poor outcomes due to gaps in the current regulatory framework. The NSW Government Embedded Network Action Plan aims to provide equitable consumer and price protections for customers of embedded networks. The plan outlines immediate and medium-term actions to improve outcomes for these customers. Immediate actions: Introduce a maximum price for energy sold to customers of hot and chilled water embedded networks and gas embedded networks to protect against unreasonably high prices. Release a Ministerial Statement of Expectations (see below) Medium-term actions: Implement policy updates to strengthen consumer protections for hot and chilled water embedded network users. Broaden the Energy…
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