Retailer Reconnection- Rule 121

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Disconnection is a key area of risk for energy retailers. The process that must be followed by a retailer have been set out in other posts by Compliance Quarter. Today, we briefly look at the re-connection requirements.

Retailers must comply with rule 121 of the National Energy Retail Rules. This is summarised below.

Where a retailer has arranged for the de-energisation of a small customer’s
premises and the customer has within 10 business days of the de-energisation:

a. Rectified the matter that led to the de-energisation or made
arrangements to the satisfaction of the retailer;

b. made a request for re-energisation; and

c. paid any charge for re-energisation;

A retailer must arrange for re-connection of the customer by lodging a request with the distributor or arrange for the remote re-connection of the customer’s energy supply.

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