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Do you need a Confidentiality Agreement?

Why have a confidentiality agreement?

A confidentiality agreement is a foundational document used when you are going to disclose confidential information to a third-party. Such information might include financial and business plans. A confidentiality agreement sets the stage for subsequent discussions.

How does this work?

Simply complete the form to generate a template confidentiality agreement that you can edit and customise. We will contact you via email with the template and an offer to customise the document on your behalf.

By purchasing the customised document, you will also be entitled to a free 20-minute skype or face-to-face consultation with one of our compliance specialists (must be used within 3 months).

Your trusted compliance partners

Compliance Quarter is managed by compliance professionals with significant experience in regulatory compliance and from a legal background.

Our experience extends from working with leading Australian and international businesses including Sony, Choice Hotels, Suzuki, Integral Energy, and more.

The use of various documents, spreadsheets, and forms is not a sufficient method to manage compliance. That is why we have developed Compliance Quarter, to provide online solutions for businesses that want to demonstrate compliance and manage risk.

Connor James- Founder