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We lift the regulatory burden off your shoulders with experts, expert systems and compliance management.

Retail Authorisations and Licences

  • CQ has a proven track record of successfully assisting new entrant retailers with licence acquisition.
  • Our expert team offers guidance throughout the application process, including policies and procedures, business plans, and compliance management.
  • With extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, CQ provides reliable support to achieve energy retail goals.
  • CQ's consultancy services ensure a smooth application process for clients.
  • Choose CQ for expert guidance and support in securing energy retail licences.

Client Testimonial

"Compliance Quarter have been invaluable in assisting us to set up our retailing business, and in guiding the company to meet its compliance and retail reporting obligations. The CQ team have great insight and in-depth of knowledge to the Australian retailing landscape. "
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Compliance Manager, Concierge, and Insights

  • Our Compliance Manager service is designed to support your internal team, providing an experienced and independent resource.
  • Compliance Concierge is designed to answer regulatory questions and guide senior compliance managers - available when and where you need it.
  • Compliance Insights is our regulatory update service setting out the impact of regulatory updates on our client's businesses.
  • We're proud to be the trusted partner of some of the World's largest energy companies.

Client Testimonial

"Compliance Quarter has helped us navigate our business through the highly regulated energy landscape time and time again. I don't know what I would do without them. Thanks for all your help."
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Audit and Assurance Reviews

  • With our ongoing assurance reviews, you can be confident that your compliance program is operating effectively and that your regulatory risks are minimized.
  • Our expert team provides you with the support you need to stay ahead of regulatory requirements, offering insights and recommendations to improve your compliance program.
  • We work with you to ensure that you have the right policies, procedures, and training programs in place to mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

Client Testimonial

Compliance Quarter have been invaluable in assisting us to set up our retailing business, and in guiding the company to meet its compliance and retail reporting obligations. The CQ team have great insight and in-depth of knowledge to the Australian retailing landscape.
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Technology Solutions

  • Compliance HUB is a technology solution that streamlines compliance programs using Titan, our AI-powered software.
  • Titan answers regulatory questions, analyzes regulatory changes, and drafts policies.
  • The Compliance HUB tracks actions, ensuring compliance and providing valuable insights.
  • Choose CQ for innovative compliance support.

Client Tesimonial

"Titan has been developed and trained by Connor James and his team at Compliance Quarter to provide Energy Compliance professionals such as myself with an easy-to-use compliance tool that assists me by providing high-confidence answers to both simple and more complex questions about energy rules and codes across the NEM. Titan AI can provide you with both short and long-form answers to your regulatory questions, as well as a question-and-answer response – perfect for training solutions, as well as an Obligation overview helping retail businesses hone in on how to control and manage their regulatory obligations."
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Preparing to Apply for a Retailer Authorisation: A Comprehensive Guide

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) oversees the authorisation process for energy retailers in Australia. If you’re considering joining this market, it’s crucial to understand the AER’s guidelines and requirements. This article will outline the preparatory steps your business needs to take before applying for a retailer authorisation.

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The State of the Energy Market 2023: Observations and Insights

The energy market is an ever-evolving landscape, dictated by a complex interplay of market forces, consumer behaviours, and regulatory interventions. The ‘State of the Energy Market 2023’ report, published by the Australian Energy Regulator, provides a comprehensive evaluation of the market’s current state, offering valuable insights into the retail energy markets, market regulations, energy affordability, and the role of the energy retailer.

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Deep Expertise

We have deep expertise in compliance and the energy industry.

Project Specialist

We’ve employed experienced project specialists and manage projects using agile methodology.

Legal Support

All of our regulatory specialists have legal qualifications and we are supported by Law Quarter, our sister law firm

Powered by Titan

We have developed truly ground breaking technology including Titan

Regulatory Experts Supported by Expert RegTech Systems

Regulatory compliance is a heavy burden for all businesses. Our sole objective is to lift that burden from your shoulders via integrated compliance management.

The world’s largest businesses trust CQ to manage their compliance program, and we’ve helped a number of retailers gain a retail authorisation. When it comes to compliance and informed decision-making, experience matters, and you will find that experience at CQ. Our systems are cutting-edge. We offer access to the latest technology solutions, such as GPT3 in Microsoft Word with Word Titan.

An effective compliance program is essential for good corporate governance and risk management. We reduce the risk of oversight, and substantial fines, and demonstrate compliance. Where you need legal services, you may consider our sister law firm, Law Quarter.

Unlike other providers, we only work with a select number of clients. Each time we agree to act as Compliance Manager for a client, we put our reputation on the line. Given the scope of our client base, we benchmark your business and its level of compliance to give you insights that you won’t find elsewhere.